Build Stunning Websites Using Divi Theme in WordPress – Guide 2020

Developed by Elegant Themes, Divi is a multi-purpose theme used to give an uncanny look to your WordPress website.

Stabbed with vibrant graphics and a powerful page builder, this theme has earned its worth online.

If you’re a beginner, and getting deep into all nuts and bolts of technical stuff gives you jitters, this theme has you covered.

Before we move any further, we’d like to highlight the main difference between 

  • Divi theme 
  • Divi builder plugin

The Divi theme includes the Divi builder. When you purchase the theme, you don’t need to separately install the Divi builder. It is included in the package, already.

On the other hand, Divi Builder is a WordPress plugin that is compatible with any WordPress theme. So if you really like some other theme you can install the Divi builder plugin on it.

It carries a front-end user interface, giving you the ability to customize your web page with a single click.

At the time of writing this post, the Divi theme carries 649,032 customers across the world.

We’re going to discuss everything in detail. By the time you are done reading this post, you will have a clear idea if you need this theme to build your WordPress site. 

Let’s jump right in.

Cool Divi Theme Features

1- Divi Theme Builder

Perhaps Divi theme builder is one of the elusive features that sets it free from other average WordPress page builders.

It comes with a drag & drop ability, helping you design your page and stuff it up with an elegant look and feel.

Plus, it is a front-end page builder where you can perform actions and see them taking place in front of your eye

Previously, you had to customize the website with the back-end page builder where you used to take the actions before switching to frontend view to check how they appear to your visitors.

 Which was frustrating at times as it made you go back and forth again and again for even minor change that you made?

The front-end page builder sets you free from the hassle of switching back and forth. 

2-  Divi WooCommerce Modules

Divi is compatible with WooCommerce. You can develop an eCommerce store with a unique look and feel.

3- 100’s of Pre Built Websites

Divi theme comes with a wide range of amazing pre built website templates, saving you from putting in extra effort to brainstorm ideas and build an attractive website from scratch.

As it includes 50 website layout pack. You can evaluate the demo before finally installing it on your WordPress website.

4- Lead Generation and Social Media Marketing- Divi has it all!

The reason Divi theme is so popular is because of its powerful features

  • You can very easily create a lead generation page/ landing page with Divi contact form module.
Lead Generation and Social Media Marketing
  • Divi includes Monarch, a social sharing plugin, which helps attract visitors from social media. 

5- Sell Unlimited Products Online

Divi supports the latest version of the WooCommerce plugin. As you install and activate the plugin, you can see the “WooCommerce” and “Products” section on your WordPress dashboard.

sell products with divi theme in WordPress

Although Divi comes with a range of WooCommerce modules, you can also use WooCommerce separately without leveraging these modules.

Add shop module to your theme and display your product with a unique style.  

6- Display Your Work

No matter your field of work, either you work as a freelancer or as a team, you need a place to showcase your skills and expertise. This is where clients get an idea of what you can deliver.

display your portfolio with divi theme

With Divi Portfolio Module you can present your work more effectively.

Switch to Divi builder before adding a portfolio module to your page. Check here to see how to add a portfolio module.

7- Access to 1000’s of Open Source Photos & Illustrations

Divi is perfect for fashion designers and photographers. As you buy this package, you get access to thousands of free high-quality images and illustrations, used to add classic look and vibrant beauty to your WordPress website.

8- Translated into 32 Languages

Divi is translated into 32 languages that include all form fields, Divi builder interface, descriptions and front-end elements.

divi theme in WordPress comes in 32 languages

Furthermore, you can enjoy RTL support, helping design anyone anything.

Divi Theme showcase

Divi theme in WordPress can be used to build a wide variety of websites.   Looking at some of the amazing websites built on the Divi theme will give you the ides of how powerful this theme really is. 

Rad Speicher

website build by diiv theme in WordPress

Phoenix Wedding Cars

website build by diiv theme in WordPress

Matt Parry Photography

website build by diiv theme in WordPress

Kalle Wallner

website build by diiv theme in WordPress

Samui Garden Villa

website build by diiv theme in WordPress

Future 500 id Camp

website build by diiv theme in WordPress

Divi Theme Drag & Drop Building

Divi page builder helps you develop a website on the go. Its drag and drop feature allows you to see racking up your content live in front of your eyes.
Few clicks and you are ready to give your website a whole new look. 

Divi Theme Templates

Building a website with Divi is relatively straightforward.

You get access to some impressive and advanced page layout templates that you can quickly import to your posts and pages with the drag and drop option. 

Divi Theme in WordPress Layouts 

No doubt, it takes time for building the website from the ground up. This is where Divi layout comes handy.

It incorporates 149-page layout packs including 1102 layout in total, giving you the ability to add glory to your website as per your requirement.

From creating a layout for design agency and sales page to developing the uncanny portfolio and producing content for food, education and health website, Divi theme makes your job easy to handle and easy to execute.

Divi WooCommerce Modules

Divi WooCommerce modules help you edit and stylize your online store.

Divi WooCommerce Modules

You can add, remove and customize the WooCommerce elements to attract more customers. Click here to learn more about WooCommerce modules. 

1- Bloom- Email Opt-in Plugin

Bloom opt-in plugin is introduced to grow your email list. When you are running a business, you need customers, a lot of them, in fact. 

And the best way to keep them glued to your business is when you regularly update them with new content. This plugin allows you to manage your email list with potential visitors and help them convert.   

2-  Monarch- Social Sharing Plugin

Your presence on social media proves to be a focal point of your business.
Monarch is a social sharing plugin, helping you level up your business with style.

You can pick from more than 20 social sharing options to attract customers from almost every social media platform.   

Divi Theme Documentation & Support

24/7 Premium Support

Divi includes a team of expert professionals, ready to serve you 24/7. You can contact them and discuss your query.

The chat support option is available for technical support and you can also submit a ticket. 

Constant Updates

Since its release in 2013, Divi has regularly been updated with advanced features. You can easily update the theme with the WordPress dashboard.

It is wise to keep checking for new plugin and theme updates to ensure their compatibility with the WordPress version.

Divi theme comes with complete documentation.

Rock-Solid Security

WordPress powers almost 34% of websites online, making it the irresistible target for hackers.

Even though Elegant Themes did best to add an extra layer of security to their product, you need to put deliberate effort to combat the hacking attacks.

Unlimited Use With a Single subscription

With a lifetime deal, you can enjoy lifetime premium support. Moreover, you get unlimited access to everything they offer. 

Active community

Divi theme provides community support where you can collaborate and connect with people using this product, already.

Before you contact customer support, you can communicate with the visitors facing similar problems.   

Divi Theme price

Price plays a key role whenever you aim to develop a new website. $89/year sounds like an unbeatable deal given that you get access to Divi Monarch, Bloom, with hundreds of website packs, products update, and premium support.

divi theme prices

If this sounds too much and you aim to seal a lifetime deal to satisfy a varied range of clients, you can claim it with $249 including all privileges mentioned above. 

Divi Theme Cons

  • With this unbeatable deal, it is hard to hunt down the cons, but we have to mention anyway. If you plan to build only one website with limited content, spending $89/year may sound uneconomical.
  • Furthermore, you only receive updates and premium support if you get the active subscription.  


Divi theme looks an appropriate option for those who love playing with prebuilt layout and template options.

You can design and develop a custom page with Divi front-end page builder where you can see your website getting designed in practical with the single click.

If you ask which plan to pick, we’d say better go with the one-year subscription before making final decision for a lifetime package.

First audit everything and see if the features resonate with your actual needs and requirements.

Plus, if you get this deal, you don’t have to flood your website with extra plugins, as you can enjoy almost everything, from prebuilt layouts and template modules to website packs and customizable design options, with this package.

Lastly, we’d say, if you are not a coder and starting out the very first time, Divi is a worth checking option.

Which theme you use for your website or you are planning to buy one? We’d love to hear in the section below.