How to change password in WordPress – password reset instructions, 4 ways to do it – by administration, lost password function, by phpMyAdmin or functions.php.

You can easily reset a user’s password in one of the following 4 ways:

1. Resetting password through lost password feature

You can forget your password when working on the website. In this case, click the link

“Lost your password?”

under the login form. You will be asked to enter your login or email registered in your profile. You will receive an automatic message with a link to your email in which you can set a new password. From now on you will log in to the site with a new password.

2. Password generation through account administration

If someone else has administrative access with administrator privileges, they can easily generate a new password:

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3. WordPress – changing password using phpMyAdmin

If you remember your password and want to change it, you can enter a new password through Your profile in a similar way.

  1. Log in to phpMyAdmin – you should find your login and URL in your hosting.
  2. Select the WordPress database that you use (if you do not know the access data or do not know which it is, use FTP access. You will find the necessary data in the wp-config.php file on your hosting.)
  3. In phpMyAdmin, select the wp_users folder and click “Browse”. Find your site’s database here.
  4. You can find your login details in user_login. Select a user and click “Change”.
  1. You will now see user_id. Click “Change” again.
  2. Go to the “user_pass” line. Set the MD5 function here in the “Function” column.
  3. Enter the new password in the “Value” column and click “Go”.

Use the new password to log in to the administration on your WP website
your domain/wp-login.php

4. Resetting password using FTP access

The fourth way is to use FTP access. You must know your administrator account ID, which can be found in the wp_users table (see previous password change solution).

First, log into the site using FTP and download function.php. If you want to edit this file, after <?php, you add:

wp_set_password(new password,1)

Enter your user ID instead of number 1.

Upload the changed file to your site. After logging into account, delete the uploaded file from function.php.